Your Commercial HVAC Replacement Experts-Why Work With US?

As your leading Commercial HVAC Replacement Experts, there are numerous reasons to do business with Capital Coil & Air. One of the main reasons our clients like to work with us is because when they call about replacing or HVAC Coil Replacementdesign/build a coil, they speak with experts who understand the various problems and obstacles in the coil replacement market. Our business is make your coil buying process as simple and quick as possible.

  • Ability to cross reference other manufacturer’s model numbers. In most cases, if you have a model number, we have literature that provides dimensions, rows, fins, and many times circuiting patterns. This is immediately helpful to you in two ways. It allows you to get an exact price on a coil without the hassle of “field measuring” it. Additionally, you can also check desired performance with what you are actually getting right from the beginning. 
  • There is an important caveat in our ability to cross reference model numbers. On most jobs, there are probably several model numbers floating around. For example, an Air Handler Unit might have an individual model number, while containing a variety of coils with different face areas, rows, fins/inch, or any combination of the above. However, if you are able to procure the coil’s model number – from a drawing of record or the coil itself – there is a high likelihood that we will recognize it.
  • While there is a science to replacing coils, a very simple thing to remember is “going smaller is always better than bigger”. If a coil is too big, there is not too much one can do with it, short of creating a metallic coffee table.  In most cases, using smaller dimensions will greatly increase your project’s probability of success.
  • Lastly, to make sure we’re all on the same page, Capital Coil supplies submittal drawings on every job. You have the chance to review the submittal data and drawings to ensure that we’re building the coil to your exact specifications. We’ve already discussed the hazards of ordering coils that do not fit, so our transparency and attention to detail guarantees that we get your order right the first time!  We recognize that our success is directly tied to yours’, which makes you our partner, not a client.

Capital Coil searches for long-term partners welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your future projects.We hope to hear from you!


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