Stock Hot Water Booster Coils

If you are currently in the HVAC business, or you are required to maintain HVAC equipment, then, surely at some point, you will have to buy small duct hot water or booster coils. These are among the most common products in the industry, and speed is an essential component when ordering booster coils. While many other manufacturers currently have lead times of 3-4 weeks, (or longer) on booster coil orders, Capital Coil & Air can manufacture your coil in as little as 3 days, so your coil can ship within 3-5 business days.


(30)  SIZES IN STOCK READY TO BE SHIPPED TOMORROW! Shipping time on standard construction coils is 3-5 business days.

So, what exactly defines a hot water coil, or hot water booster coil as they are more commonly known? First, booster coils are typically a 1 or 2 row coil with a casing flange where the duct-work meets the coil. Booster coils can also have “slip & drive” casing, which means the coil slides into the duct-work. Regardless of the casing, the purpose of the coil is to heat air or reheat air using hot water anywhere from 140˚ F – 200˚ F.


Usually, a booster coil will not match up to the corresponding duct-work size. Air velocities through the duct-work are almost always higher than allowable coil face velocities, so duct-work usually needs to be transitioned to get to the coil. Face velocities through hot water coils should not exceed 1,000 Ft/Minute. What makes Capital Coil & Air so unique is that we have a “Stocking Program” with a large number of available coils. This allows you to get the required coil shipped quickly when you need it, with time still available to match up the coil with the duct-work.  

Capital Coil builds booster coils in both 1 & 2 rows from sizes ranging from 6″ x 6” – 30” x 72” with any Fins per Inch required to meet performance. All sizes are available in both 5/8” OD & ½” OD. This also means that we can manufacture coils from 500-15,000 CFM at 1,000 Ft. /minute face velocity. Normal face velocity might be better sized at 800 Ft. /minute, but that will still cover you up to 12,000 CFM. Call Capital Coil’s sales department for any sizing-related questions.

In full transparency, we do not actually stock these coils because that would mean stocking up to 72 different sizes. However, we have an entire booster coil production line dedicated for this purpose, and we can manufacture your coil in as little as 3 days –  so your coil can ship within 3-5 business days  You get a quick-ship at no extra cost simply by being a Capital Coil customer. It’s not an exaggeration to say that booster coils make up a sizable percentage of our overall production.

Smaller coils can ship via UPS, while larger sizes require common carrier due to UPS size limits. Call Capital Coil & Air and get pricing today! We welcome the chance to be your coil replacement experts!


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