Chilled Water Coils

Our chilled water coils come with numerous tube, fin and material options. 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" OD Tubing. Hand brazed with silver bearing alloys.

Capital Coil & Air chilled water coils are used in a wide variety of HVAC air cooling and dehumidifying applications. Chilled water coils typically consist of between 3–12 rows of tubes. Most chilled water coils have air entering the system at a temperature ranging from 75° F to 95° F (return or outside air), while chilled water enters the coil at a temperature around 42-45°F. Standard and custom designs are available for new and retrofit installations. Our chilled water coils come with a huge selection of tube, fin and material options. Chilled Water Coils from Carrier, Trane, McQuay, York/JCI, Heatcraft are all manufacturers that we can easily duplicate often at a fraction of the cost of a new coil from the OEM and twice as fast. Our sales engineers will walk you through matching existing coil dimensions & construction to create a chilled water coil that you can slide out the old one and slide the new one right in. If your chilled water coil needs glycol (ethylene or propylene) for heat recovery or process, that will cut down on the performance of the coil, but our top of the line software will guide you through to meet all your needs. All coils are eligible for expedited shipping through our Quick-Ship Program.


With our Quick Ship Program, Capital Coil & Air has some of the fastest manufacturing and shipping times in the industry. Explore our shipping options for Chilled Water Coils.

Shipping OptionCost
1 week quick ship Add 50%
2 week quick ship Add 30%
3 week quick ship Add 15%


Tube MaterialSizeThickness
Aluminum 5/8" .049" .065"
Brass 5/8" .049" .065"
Carbon Steel 5/8" .049" .065"
Copper 11/2"

35/8" (non-freeze)
51" (non-freeze)
1.017" .025"
2.020" .025" .035" .049" .065"
3.017" .025"

4.017" .025"
5.017" .025"
Cupro Nickel 15/8"
1.035" .049" .065"
2.035" .049" .065"
Stainless Steel 15/8"
1.035" .049" .065"
2.049" .065" .109"


Fin MaterialThickness
Aluminum .006" .008" .010" .016" .030"
Carbon Steel .012"
Copper .006" .008" .010"
Cupro Nickel (90/10) .010"
Stainless Steel (304/316) .010"


Casing MaterialThickness                  
Aluminum 8 GA.
Galvanized Steel 16 GA. 14 GA.
Stainless Steel 12 GA. 10GA.


Connection MaterialConnection Type                
Brass Flanged
Copper M.P.T.
Cupro Nickel Sweat
Steel F.P.T.

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