Everything You Wanted To Know About Fluid Coolers & Air Cooled Condensers

What is a Fluid Cooler?

To start, we need to define what a Fluid Cooler actually is. They are simply a combination of fans and coils that is configured in such a way as to allow fluid to run through the coil in multiple passes. This allows airflow over the entire exterior of the coil. Fluid Coolers, as the name suggests, are designed to cool the fluids in the coil. Fluids typically consist of water or a glycol/water mixture within a closed-loop system. One significant benefit of this closed-looped system is that it eliminates costly water treatments, such as those found in cooling towers.


What is an Air Cooled Condenser?

The configuration of this unit is not that dissimilar from a Fluid Cooler. The main difference in an Air Cooled Condenser is that it is designed for commercial refrigerant and A/C systems. These units reject the heat from the refrigerant to the ambient air across the coil. The refrigerant is then condensed from vapor to liquid.



The vast majority of Fluid Coolers and Air Cooled Condensers use prop fans and coils in a common casing with vertical airflow. The fans are placed above the coils to allow for draw-thru airflow. There are also various configurations that allow for horizontal airflow. These units are also known as “Dry” Coolers because air is used as a substitute for water cooling. Air is usually a cleaner solution as well.


Construction of Fluid Coolers

-Coils: Generally copper tube/aluminum fin. Some are manufactured with enhanced surface and fin design. Coatings are usually available for most units.

-Fans: Direct drive prop fans spaced for maximum airflow capacity – steel or aluminum blades.

-Casing: Galvanized Steel Sheet, 6-90

-Fan Guard: Steel

Fan/Motor: Direct Drive (Totally Enclosed Motors)


Why Use CCA for Fluid Coolers?

Capital Coil & Air offers numerous different options and sizes on the standard Fluid Cooler design. Most sizes are available for quick-ships, (contact our sales team for quick-ship questions). You will receive your price/quote as quickly as possible, and you will also receive whatever supplemental engineering information you require right away. Hopefully we have explained why Fluid Coolers and Air Cooled Condensers do not have to complicated pieces of equipment. They are assembled, tested, and ready for shipment with ETL approval.

Capital Coil & Air’s goal is to make your buying process as simple and efficient as possible, so please give Capital Coil the opportunity to work with you on your next project!



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