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Replacement Coils

Every company needs to have a message that they want to convey to their customers. That message needs to explain a company’s goals and strategies, which in turn, give that company a specific identity. In other words, it basically explains “who are we, and what do we do?” Once you as the customer have that understanding, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not that company is a correct fit for your needs. Having an obscure message dilutes a company’s identity and how they do business. Capital Coil & Air is completely clear about who we are, and where our strengths lie.

Who Are We

Capital Coil & Air manufactures commercial and industrial custom replacement coils of almost every type, Fan Coil Units, Air Handler Units (AHU’s), and Fluid Coolers. CCA does not build compressorized equipment of any kind, and this has a huge impact on how we go to market. To be clear, we can replace any coil built by Carrier, Trane, or JCI/York. Where the difference lies is that they are “production” manufacturers of almost every HVAC-related product imaginable, which means that they want to build “production” quantities. No one disputes that the above-mentioned companies are excellent companies that fill a huge need within our industry, but Capital Coil & Air is NOT THEM! We build custom coil replacements and other products that are needed in a hurry, as opposed to “production” manufacturing. Our main competition is with manufacturers in the design/build and replacement market, but not the big OEM’s. We fill in the production gaps when the OEM can’t satisfy your needs within your time frame.

What We Are Good At

Capital Coil realizes that the coil replacement market is all about speed and delivery, delivery, delivery. We respond quickly to any questions and/or quote requests because any delays in response times are the same as if your order shipped late. Whether you simply need tracking information on an existing order, a drawing, or engineering advice on a design, we will get you an answer as fast as we possibly can.

We offer quick-shipments on the majority of our products, and while our quick-ship program costs a premium, Capital Coil guarantees all quick-shipment dates!

Capital Coil crates all of its own equipment as well to ensure that there is very rarely freight damage. We choose our carriers very carefully to make sure that there are minimum stops at freight terminals where most of the damage occurs.

Capital Coil & Air gives you a ship date upon placing an order, and we ship when we say we will ship. You will never hear 100 different stories about why an order is delayed; rather our time will be spent making sure that your order get to its final destination as soon as possible. We are also pro-active in getting you the necessary tracking information so that you can coordinate your delivery schedule.

Capital Coil manufactures specialized equipment in its design or use, and we do not have to build (20) of the same product in one production run.

Capital Coil discovered long ago that customers choose to work with companies that they like and trust. With that in mind, Capital Coil has NEVER walked away from any job to date, nor will we ever!

Our Goal For You As The Customer

We want your experience with Capital Coil to be a good one in every facet. Our goal is to help and lend value to your company. Of course, we hope to be your first and only call, but CCA recognizes that you have multiple choices when it comes to choosing vendors. We hope to make your experience with us as easy and seamless as possible. We want to have you as a long-term partners; as opposed to a one-off customer.

Capital Coil is like any business in that we need to make profits to survive and prosper, but we are also cognizant of your need to make a profit as well. Our pricing is fair, competitive, and set at levels to allow you to be as competitive as possible when presenting bids.

Now you have an idea as to who Capital Coil & Air is, and what we do. We look forward to the chance to work with you on all of your future projects!



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