Why is Reliable Customer Service such a Challenge?

by Dan Jacobs, March 13, 2018

Quick and reliable customer service has always been, and will continue to be one of Capital Coil & Air’s highest priorities. You as the customer have a choice in who you want to work with. As a DX Coilbuyer, your most valuable commodity is time, and we do not want to waste yours’. In placing your business with Capital Coil & Air, we have the responsibility to work with you for the duration of the buying process and beyond. Our work with you doesn’t end when the sale is complete. For the reasons mentioned, as well as the positive feedback received from clients, we feel that our attention to customer service is one of Capital Coil’s most valuable assets.

As previously mentioned, customer care starts on your first contact with Capital Coil & Air and lasts forever. Capital Coil’s main goal is to create a customer for life; rather than a “one and done” transaction. You need a strong and steady supplier that you can work with and rely on for decades, and Capital Coil & Air is that long-term solution.

  • 1st email or phone call: When you initiate contact with Capital Coil & Air – via phone or email – chances are that you have a problem that needs to be solved quickly. We are not oblivious to those concerns. You have a problem that needs to be resolved sooner rather than later, and we believe that our fast response times reflect that understanding.
  • Questions:  Coils are our business, but they may not necessarily be yours’. We want to help and consult on projects with you, and answer any questions that arise during the buying process. We want to be your go-to resource for all of your coil questions.
  • Quick Ships: Capital Coil gives you a variety of shipping options. From standard shipments to overnight orders, Capital Coil can work with you in almost any situation. In the HVAC CCA Quick Ship replacement business, the keyword is delivery, delivery, delivery. You have projects with specific timetables, and Capital Coil wants to ensure that your coils arrive both when and where you need them. Because we’re 100% transparent when it comes to fees and costs, there are no hidden charges. We’ll provide you with exact dollar amounts – not estimates – if expedited shipping is needed.
  • Time to Order: As soon your order is placed, the sales team sends it to engineering. Engineering reviews the project and forwards it to the head of manufacturing to begin production. All of the above takes place same-day.
  • Paperwork & acknowledgements: Capital Coil & Air is extremely attentive to detail and thorough with its confirmation paperwork. As a customer, you will receive an order acknowledgement that details when your order is scheduled to ship, the contents, and how it will arrive.
  • Timely Shipments: While no company can claim a 100% success rate in any category, Capital Coil & Air is pretty close when it comes to your order arriving on time and in good condition. In the rare occurrence your order arrives late, we’ll do whatever possible to identify the issue and make sure those mistakes are not repeated.
  • Communication with freight companies: Collectively, we can all agree that dealing with freight companies is torturous. When you order with Capital Coil, you simply contact our sales office, and we’ll contact the appropriate freight carrier on your behalf to determine your order’s location and ETA.
  • Continuing Education and Industry Updates: As manufacturers in the HVAC industry, we’re constantly on the lookout for new products, burgeoning trends, and/or ways we can better serve you on future projects. We communicate our findings via email campaigns, newsletters, blog posts on Capital’s website, trade-shows, and face-to-face visits to job sites. 

All in all, is Capital Coil & Air the perfect coil supplier? Of course we are (kidding). In all seriousness, like any business, we run into our fair share of challenges. Where we differ from other companies is that we’ll never walk away from or ignore a customer’s problem – regardless of the complexity of the issue. We view issues and challenges as teaching tools to make your customer experience that much better.

We’re here to help you and service your requirements quickly.  CALL OR E-MAIL US!  We look forward to the opportunity to be your coil replacement specialists.



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