Tired Of Wondering If Quick-Ships Will Be Available When You Need Them Most?

by Dan Jacobs, December 18, 2018

We are one week away from Christmas, and a deep freeze has set over most of the country. When you combine the cold with long, holiday weekends, like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, there is a significant chance that one, or more coils in your HVAC system will freeze and possibly burst. If that happens, what next? You can call the OEM, but more times than not, they are not flexible or nimble enough to handle your emergency within an acceptable time-frame.

Why is this? Many manufacturers take on a glut of OEM business, or other large projects with small profit margins. In many cases they do this simply to keep the factory running during the slower periods of the year. This has the effect of delaying standard lead times, and in many cases, cancelling quick-ships altogether. It is very hard to do business with companies that make themselves unavailable when you need them the most.

Quick-ships are generally based on emergency conditions, and that is precisely the worst time to discover that your regular supplier has suspended their quick-ships. When we call Capital Coil reliable and dependable, one of the main reasons is because of our ability to keep our quick-ship program open 12 months/year. Capital Coil does not try to be all things to all customers, but quick-ships are an integral piece of our business. Keeping our quick-ship program available all year is a top priority, and this has allowed us to hit 99.8% of our quick-ship requests over the last (3) years, (an unfortunate forklift mistake makes up the other .2%). So far, in December, 2018 alone, approximately 75% of all orders have been quick-ships, and they have either all been completed on time, or are 100% on schedule.  

An RFQ that sits on a desk unanswered is useless to everyone involved. If you need a quote, you’ll have your price and any required submittals that same day. It really is that simple and easy! Working with Capital Coil removes many of the annoying and unannounced shut-downs that come with other manufacturers, so please let us help you when you need it the most!


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