by Dan Jacobs, March 20, 2018

Chilled Water CoilAs your leading commercial HVAC coil replacement experts, our business is to make your coil buying process as simple and quick as possible.

  • CCA has hit 99.8% of all quick-ships over the last 2 years: If not for one clumsy forklift driver, we like to think that we would have hit 100%.

  • CCA has never shut down its quick-ship program: Quick-ships are generally based on emergency conditions, and that is precisely the worst time to discover that your regular supplier has suspended their quick-ships. When we call Capital Coil reliable and/or dependable, one of the main reasons is because of our ability to keep our quick-ship program open 12 months/year.

  • CCA’s coil selection program is always available: While we can’t speak for all of our competitors, this is another example of Capital Coil working to be the most dependable manufacturer anywhere.

  • CCA Pricing: Large enough to be able to offer competitive pricing for almost any project, while also flexible enough to work with our customers on price when/as needed.

  • Ability to cross reference other manufacturer’s model numbers: In most cases, if you have a model number, we have literature that provides dimensions, rows, fins, and many times, circuiting patterns This allows you to get an exact price on a coil without the hassle of “field measuring” it.

    • There is an important caveat in our ability to cross reference model numbers: you need to be able to procure the coil’s model number – from a drawing of record or the coil itself. If you’re able to send us that information, there is a high likelihood that we will recognize it.

  • Capital Coil’s manufacturing plant is centrally located: Transit times are approximately 2-3 days to anywhere in the country. You’ll never have to worry about paying for added freight simply because your order is shipping from the West Coast.

  • Decades of engineering experience in the coil replacement market: We have been in the coil replacement market for many years, and that translates into us helping to solve your problems, as opposed to duplicating them.

  • Capital Coil manufacturers both tube bundles and full shell & tube heat exchangers: Along with some of the fastest lead times available, Capital Coil also has an extensive library of some of the largest OEM’s, such as TACO and Bell & Gossett.

  • Capital Coil’s response time is the best in the industry: Because the replacement market is based on emergency conditions, you need a manufacturer that recognizes this and responds accordingly. An RFQ that sits on a desk unanswered is useless to everyone involved. We’d encourage you to speak with anyone who has ever worked with us, and we are 100% confident that they will tell you that their experience was one of the fastest and easiest imaginable.

  • Capital Coil is not for sale: Capital Coil & Air is family owned and operated, and will stay that way for the decades to come. We love what we do, so 10, 15, and 20 years from now, you’ll still be dealing with the same folks that know and understand how to best help you.  

We’re here to help you and service your requirements quickly.  CALL OR E-MAIL US!  We look forward to the opportunity to be your coil replacement specialists.


Why is Reliable Customer Service such a Challenge?

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Why is Reliable Customer Service such a Challenge? Quick-Ship Fan/Coils & Light Duty Air Handlers

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