Divided Coils: Broken Down To Fit Your Space

by Dan Jacobs, July 19, 2016


Not Enough Space

Replacing older coils is difficult enough under ideal circumstances, but how much more difficult is your job when you’re working in tight and cramped spaces? As you’ve probably encountered at some point, older HVAC systems literally had the mechanical rooms built around them with little thought or consideration to maintaining or eventually replacing the equipment 20 years down the line. The lack of workable space means that no cranes or other installation equipment can be brought in to install your coil. Along with considering the size of the mechanical room, how does one move a coil through a building without damaging the coil itself? Typically, the doors, hallways, and elevators are not wide or high enough to accommodate your coil’s size.  Because of this, many jobs require cutting the coil in half just to be able to remove it from the unit. Capital Coil has the solution to this headache, and it’s simpler than you could ever imagine.

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The “Old Way” To Do It

Imagine a coil with a 120” fin length, while the coil is 130” in overall length. To adequately remove the coil, you are going to require 12 Ft. of space to the right or left of the unit. And of course, you will require that same amount of space to install the new coil. Many installation sites do not have anywhere near this amount of space to operate. An outdated solution to this issue is to break down the coil into (2) 60” fin length coils and install them side to side in the unit, while piping them from opposite directions. This idea is ok, but you must take into account that when doing so, you lose finned surface area in the middle of the coil. Additionally, you will have to run piping to the otherDivided Coil side of the unit. That extra piping can be expensive and add additional time to your installation process.


The “New Way” To Do It

Capital Coil builds (1) 120” fin length coil, but we build it in (2) parts. This allows you to break the coil down to install it and then reassemble it in the unit later. Our process is quick, economical, and most importantly, simple. As mentioned, the coil is built in (2) sections that are pieced together. Capital ships the coil in one piece to maintain integrity throughout the shipping process. When it arrives at your jobsite, you disassemble the coil so that you now have two smaller coils that are much easier to install and work with. You are now able to move and install the divided coils in those confined spaces. You install the coils side by side and rebuild them inside the unit. Guide pins and flanges prevent leakage, while the tubes connect seamlessly. Bolts around the casing ensures that everything remains sealed. When connected, you now have one coil with water feeding and leaving from one end only – just like your original coil!



  • Cost:  One “divided coil” is cheaper than two separate coils side by side.
  • Piping: Remains on one end and negates the need to pipe from both ends.
  • Lighter & shorter coils: When broken down, they are much easier to move throughout the mechanical room or building. This also lessens the chance of damage to coil while moving it.
  • Speed & Ease: Makes your job quicker and easier in every respect.

These coils can be used in just about any water coil job or water/glycol combination job. Capital Coil can easily get you information on performance, design and cost. Please give us a call for your next job. We look forward to working with on your next opportunity.


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