New Product Offering: Insulated Cabinet Coils

by Dan Jacobs, November 6, 2017

Insulated Cabinet Coil

Capital Coil & Air has added the Insulated Cabinet Coil to its product offering. Cabinet Coils are suitable for both refrigerant and hydronic applications, while accommodating a wide range of airflows. The Cabinet Coil is a cost-effective option to provide incremental cooling to an existing HVAC system. Insulated Cabinet Coils are well-suited for schools, restaurants, healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities; and many other types of buildings as well.

One advantage of using our Insulated Cabinet Coil is a ready-made stainless steel drain pan and coil supports to resist rusting from condensate. Secondly, the Cabinet Coil can be easily installed by attaching the ductwork directly to the coil’s casing flanges.

Capital Coil offers our Insulated Cabinet Coil in a broad range of custom sizes and options, so you can match it exactly to your needs. Intermediate drain pans, multiple coils, and other special options are also available. Every coil is leak-tested under water with 450 PSIG dry nitrogen for quality assurance.

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Insulated Cabinet Coils

Insulated Cabinet Coil Brochure

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