Large enough to service all of your replacement coils, but small enough to care about what you think

by Dan Jacobs, October 3, 2017

As a customer, you have more choices than ever when ordering replacement coils. But don’t you ever get tired of dealing with robotic and largely nameless corporations? As you’ve probably experienced first-hand, plenty of companies in the HVAC industry fit this description. You are simply a number or a project instead of a customer with a name and face. If given the chance, wouldn’t you rather deal with a company who knows you and is interested in your success; as opposed to one who’s sole interest is finding out when your check is in the mail? Don’t you want somebody that values your business, regardless of the $ amount, and will go the “extra mile” for you when you need it? We at Capital Coil & Air want and value those attributes in our business relationships, and we think you probably do as well.

Capital Coil & Air was created as a family-owned business, with brothers’ Matt and Dan Jacobs as joint owner and partner. What differentiates Capital Coil & Air from our competition is that we are big enough to handle all of your coil requirements, but still small enough to know who our customers are and what they need. We have decades worth of knowledge and expertise, but we value your experience in the coil market as well as your experience with us above all else. We are not looking to “secure a job”. Instead, we’d much prefer to have customers and relationships that last years. Below are some examples:

  • When requesting a quote, we almost always respond within the same hour, or within 24 hours at the latest.  We recognize that there is an urgency to almost every coil order, and your time is valuable. In the end, a 3 day delay for a quote and/or revisions to said quote, is the same as if the manufacturer shipped your coil 3 days late.
  • When you place an order with us, we’ll send you an order acknowledgment within 24 hours detailing what you ordered, overall costs, and when it is going to ship.
  • We understand the value and necessity of clear communication. To minimize mistakes, we attach submittal drawings for every quote and order. We want to communicate with you throughout the entire buying process to make sure we are building exactly what you need.  More communication leads to less mistakes and wasted time.
  • We follow up on our shipments very carefully. We’ll work with both you and the carrier to help track your shipments to ensure your order gets to you the fastest way possible.
  • We will not ignore you simply because a sale is complete. Before, during and/or after installation, we’re here to answer your questions and help in any way possible.
  • If you need some help on pricing, we’ll do our best to work with you. While every job is unique, we want to work with you for the next 20 years, rather that a one and done purchase.

You now have some insight into our values and who we are at Capital Coil & Air. Please contact us for any future coil requirements. We greatly value your business and look forward to working with you on future projects. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!


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